The public API is currently down. The information in this page is provided for reference only.

There is a public web API to do What3Words conversion. There is no warranty as to its reliability.


$ curl https://whatfreewords.org/api/convert-to-coordinates?words=joyful.nail.harmonica
$ curl https://whatfreewords.org/api/convert-to-3wa?coordinates=37.234328,-115.806657

The request format and response format are designed to be compatible with the What3Words company's official web API, although our API does not return all of the same fields.

In the event of an error, the error key will exist in the returned JSON hash, and the value of this key will be an error message:

$ curl https://whatfreewords.org/api/convert-to-coordinates?words=errormessage
{"error":"Error decoding words"}

API server

If you want to host your own API server, the API server is part of the Go library package. It is found in cmd/whatfreewordsd/ in the download. It listens on port 8081.